EOSC-Pillar will coordinate national Open Science efforts across Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and Italy, and ensure their contribution and readiness for the implementation of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). The work of EOSC-Pillar is comprised of seven parts with majority working on a national and transnational level.

Hear from each of EOSC-Pillar's managers below!

Dissemination, Outreach and Community Building

Tackles the human factor of the EOSC through the design and implementation of an overall communication and outreach plan for EOSC-Pillar

Manager: Rob Carrillo (Trust-IT)

From National Initiatives to Trans-national services

Creation of a policy and legal framework for the coordination of National initiatives, that can then be extended to other countries.

Manager: Federica Tanlongo (GARR)

Establishing FAIR Data Services

Progressively reduce technical, societal and organisational barriers to ensure findability, accessibility, interoperability and re-use (FAIR) of research data

Manager: Adham Hashibon (Fraunhofer IWM)

Use Cases and Community-Driven Pilots

EOSC-Pillar will deliver use-case that will analyse different tools and services for FAIRisation of data and services and type of governance according to the community needs

Manager: Frédéric Huynh (CNRS / IN2P3)

Delivering Horizontal Data Storage and Computing Services

Also known as the Infrastructure Layer, EOSC-Pillar will produce solutions supporting a wide range of communities and include services that will be part of the EOSC infrastructure layer

Manager: Volker Beckmann (CNRS / IN2P3)


Responsible for the coordination of project activities, ensuring the timely delivery of the programme and productive, fair, and effective collaboration

Manager: Fulvio Galeazzi (GARR)