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The Human Factor of the European Open Science Cloud is a key focus for EOSC-Pillar, through dissemination, outreach and community building. The goal is to build a community of user researchers as well as service providers on the national, regional and European level.

The main target audiences include: 

The work tackles the human factor of the EOSC through the design and implementation of an overall communication and outreach plan for EOSC-Pillar, building a community of users and organisations.

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Communications and outreach plan

WP2 is in charge of the definition and implementation of a communication strategy for the whole project. The main activities include the organisation and the participation in events, a considerable web presence, a persistent social media communication, the writing of articles and press releases.

All these activities ensure the coverage of all stakeholders and adequate reach and visibility across Europe. To facilitate Member States reading, some news pieces and webinars are delivered in national languages as well. WP2 is in charge for the production of communication materials, such as brochures, flyers, rolls-up and other dissemination materials that can also be used for distribution at selected events to be used at the EU and national level by the project as well as by the governance bodies.

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