The EOSC-Pillar "From National Initiatives to Transnational Services" Work Package (WP4) will create a policy and legal framework for the coordination of National initiatives.

The main objectives of this WP are:

  • Highlight common policies and approaches at the national level found through the studies performed by WP3;
  • Highlight issues in the legal and policy framework that might hamper collaboration, and help address them;
  • Explore cross-country federation opportunities and procedures;
  • Support the creation of full-fledged national initiatives across countries;
  • Provide a lean policy framework for the longer-term coordination in the federation;
  • Define common tools and frameworks to describe, enroll, and support national service/data providers;
  • Initiate a National Service Registry per country, a single entry point for non-commercial service providers, and a bridge towards the EOSC;
  • Coordinate with initiatives similar to EOSC-Pillar in other European regions, in order to inter-federate and ensure the highest levels of interoperability;
  • Study possible business models for National Initiatives and their services, building on the survey results and in collaboration with use cases and pilots.


How the work package will support the development of EOSC

This work package will create a policy and legal framework for the coordination of National initiatives, that can then be extended to other countries. This work package will define a national service registry blueprint, to be implemented in each country and maintained by the national initiative. Registries will be federated with each other and fully interoperable with the EOSC. It is the ambition of this project that, in the longer term, the national registries will incorporate the large majority if not the totality of relevant scientific data services in each country.

The five steps

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