What we will bring to EOSC

EOSC-Pillar gathers representatives of the fast-growing national initiatives for coordinating data infrastructures and services in Italy, France, Germany, Austria and Belgium.

The project aims to propose the initiatives for the national coordination of data infrastructures and service recently started in many Member States as one of the founding pillars for the development and long-term sustainability of the EOSC.

EOSC-Pillar starts with an initial group of neighbouring countries who are active in open science, to define and set a model to harmonise and interfederate the initiatives. The real challenge here is that, despite having very similar objectives and visions, and similar compositions, the initiatives adopt different approaches, need to abide by different national laws and regulations, and have very different funding models and relations with the decision makers.

For this reason, the task of harmonising the different national experiences is not a trivial one; to succeed means to bring in the picture all the advantages that the adaptation to national peculiarities brings.

EOSC-Pillar takes the challenge to build on such specificities and heterogeneity to enhance the level of collaboration among all the countries bringing a rich and well organised contribution to EOSC.

In a motto, “pursuing unity in diversity”.

Action Plan

1 July 2019



30 June 2022



ANALYSE the state of the art of national initiatives and compute and data services, and support consolidation
HARMONISE procedures for the delivery of horizontal enabling services for research data across countries
COORDINATE with other initiatives to achieve harmonisation for an inclusive EOSC
PROMOTE FAIR data uptake at national levels and across scientific communities and borders
ENABLE non-commercial transnational services to accessible through the EOSC portal
BUILD an active stakeholder community of EOSC supporters in each country
PROPOSE viable business models for the sustainable provision of transnational services

Relevant players positioned well

EOSC-Pillar is comprised of consortium members that are well-positioned in their respective nations to implement the goals of the project.

Key Impacts

Harmonise related policies in Europe and facilitate alignment with international initiatives

Aggregate and achieve wide adoption of processes and practices for optimal use of resources

Contribute to FAIR data uptake in Europe

Progressive removal of technical and organisational barriers to ensure findability, accessibility, interoperability and re-use of research data

Piloting and establishing future (co)funding strategies and business/usage models to ensure long-term sustainability

Delivery of European added value of EOSC

Widespread dissemination of European achievements

Who benefits?