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"The Data layer: establishing FAIR data services at the national and transnational level" Work Package (WP5) reduces technical, societal and organisational barriers to ensure research data considered in EOSC-Pillar is FAIR.

This goal is achieved by addressing the following objectives:

  • Develop an innovative set of services for a Federated FAIR Data Space (F2DS), starting from the content of existing research data repositories.
  • Set up support and training activities, facilitating the dissemination and adoption of FAIR standards for research data management.
  • Boost, collate and agglomerate domain-specific ontologies and related metadata as the main basis for cross-domain interoperability.

Check out the evolving EOSC-Pillar Research Data Management training and support catalogue!

More WP5 Services

To ease the access to the current state of work, we provide in the table below the list of services together with the partners hosting the services, the access URL and a short description.


Please be aware that these services might not be available continuously because they are periodically updated. In the case where links are not working please contact by email the related contact person to obtain information on the status of the service i.e.:

  • Olivier Rouchon (olivier.rouchon[at] for CINES hosted services
  • Leonardo Candela (leonardo.candela[at] for the D4Science hosted services
Service Hosted by Description
FAIR Data Point API CINES API to access the content of the FAIR Data Point
FAIR Data Point User Interface CINES User Interface to access the content of the FAIR Data Point
FFDS Registration Interface CINES User Interface for repository registration
FAIR Data Point SPARQL search CINES Explore metadata in FDP with SparQL query language
D4Science data catalogue CNR-ISTI (by D4Science) The virtual research environment is available at (for authorised users)
D4Science data catalogue - public use CNR-ISTI (by D4Science) The publicly available version of the catalogue

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