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March 02, 2021
02 March 2021 - 10:00 to 04 March 2021 - 17:30

EOSC-Pillar is pleased to announce that it has been invited to participate in this exciting online event and EOSC-Pillar Technical Manager, Yann Le Franc will be amongst the event's speakers, discussing the digitisation of research data.

Event Overview

The EMMC International Workshop has become known as a leading cross-cutting event where stakeholders from different materials modelling-related fields in industry and academia get together to discuss topics of strategic importance and elaborate on gaps and potential actions to move the field forward.

Following successful events held in Vienna in 2017 and 2019, the 3rd EMMC International Workshop will take place in a digital format in 2021, while retaining its key element of extended discussion sessions covering the EMMC Focus Areas, Modelling development, Interoperability, Digitalisation, Software, Impact in Industry and Policy. Session outcomes will provide input to future research agendas, and in particular the EMMC Roadmap.

EMMC, in collaboration with participants, will produce a workshop-outcomes document based on the discussion sessions of each of the Focus Areas.

Session 7 - Digitisation of Research Data

Session 7 addresses ongoing activities and plans concerning a) the development of research data infrastructures and b) digitalisation of journal data and provide an opportunity for coordinating between initiatives and planning joint work. It will be discussed what metadata standards are in use (e.g., MODA, metadata schemas, and ontologies), and how alignment and mediation between infrastructures and journal-publication based knowledge graphs can be supported. The landscape of European-funded projects, including within EOSC, will be evaluated and situated in a global context, in particular as regards the Horizon Europe programme.

The immediate objective consists in diversifying the activities of the EMMC in digitalisation, which are at present very strongly focused on a narrow subset of what constitutes digitalisation. To go beyond this, a session - this session - is needed that addresses the actual main fields of activity in digitalisation for materials modelling. On this basis, subsequent to the EMMC International Workshop, we aim at creating two task groups within the EMMC Focus Area on Digitalisation: 1) Data from journals; 2) Research data infrastructures; this is in addition to the task group on Digital Marketplaces that already exists, which EOSC-Pillar's Yann Le Franc will present on. 

Recording of Session 7

Watch the session focussing on the digitisation of research data below.

Building Federated FAIR Data Spaces

Explore the slides presented by EOSC-Pillar Technical Manager, Yann Le Franc.


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