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April 30, 2021


The EOSC Portal is a gateway to information and resources in EOSC, providing updates on its governance and players, the projects contributing to its development and implementation, key events for the EOSC community, as well as training materials for its different components. 

The EOSC Portal Catalogue & Marketplace acts as a user-friendly entry point to the multitude of services and resources for researchers across different domains, provided by leading European and international organisations.

The Horizon 2020 project EOSC Enhance is launching an open survey targeting the entire EOSC community, to look more closely at individuals who create EOSC, understand who they are, where they come from and, most importantly, what they need in their everyday (research) activities. With this portion of knowledge, with the feedback gathered in this survey, the project wishes to capture most needed and expected enhancements that can be introduced in the next Portal release in autumn 2021. 

EOSC-Pillar took part in last year's requirements gathering activities carried out by EOSC Enhance targeted at projects, so we would like to invite our community across Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, and Italy to take this survey for EOSC Portal Marketplace users.

The survey only takes 15 minutes and it closes on Monday, 10 May 2021 18:00 CEST.

Take the survey now

Source: EOSC Portal

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