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June 26, 2020


Talking about the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) is becoming increasingly common in research circles, as institutions are understanding how they will be involved in the process, and researchers wonder what their role will be. Numerous efforts are also being made in local scientific communities to clarify what the EOSC is and what benefits it will have.

A recent article by Emma Lazzeri and Gina Pavone, representatives of the National Research Council of Italy (one of EOSC-Pillar partners), was featured in the 12th issue of the Italian APRE Magazine, published by the Agency for the Promotion of European Research.

As also emerged from our National Initiatives Survey, reaching out to researchers and policy-makers in local languages is an important part of EOSC-Pillar's mission, in order to make sure that scientific communities are ready for the implementation of EOSC and no area is left behind.

The article offered an overview in Italian of the EOSC long-term mission, including a description of the current governance structure, as well as several useful ways in which the community can interact directly with other members, such as the EOSC Liaison Platform hosted by our sister project

Download the 12th issue of APRE Magazine here (Italian language)

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