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July 02, 2020


Zenodo is a one-stop-shop for research output, allowing for tools to be effectively shared with the long­-tail of research. Created by OpenAIRE and CERN, and supported by the European Commission, this online repository expands the linking of research output to datasets and funding information, in European and national contexts.

The new EOSC-Pillar Community on Zenodo will allow users to find project deliverables and other useful documents in one open environment. These are the materials currently available via our community:

The digital revolution is proceeding at varying speeds across different communities, disciplines, and countries. The use of open platforms such as Zenodo helps ensure that no one is left behind through lack of access to the necessary tools and resources, making the sharing, curation and publication of data and software a reality for users.

Visit the EOSC-Pillar Community now!

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