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November 24, 2020


Coordinating central-western Europe’s plug-in to the European Open Science Cloud is a challenge. But through the collaboration of key players, the foundations have been established through EOSC-Pillar within its first year.

The First Annual Report of the project was published on the Zenodo Community, also featuring an introduction by EOSC-Pillar Project Officer Christian Cuciniello, DG RTD of the European Commission:

I am pleased to introduce the annual report of EOSC-Pillar. In the last year, we have seen significant steps forward in the EOSC governance that brought us to have a candidate European Co-Programmed Partnership as the means of steering the development and coordinating the national, institutional and European contribution to the European Open Science Cloud.

Read about the main updates from the first year of EOSC-Pillar:

Download the EOSC-Pillar First Annual Report

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