October 27, 2021


This project, funded with the EOSCsecretariat.eu co-creation stream, stemmed from the dialogue between the EOSC Landscape WG of the previous Governance and the INFRAEOSC5 projects Landscaping Task Force about the necessity to move from static landscapes to dynamic monitoring of EOSC readiness indicators for Member States. After having consulted with diverse EOSC stakeholders and having proposed an initial set of indicators, the task force decided to obtain specialised consultancy to develop a Proof of Concept (PoC) for a platform monitoring such live indicators.

The main objective was to validate the possibility of developing a dashboard solution, that would minimise the effort needed to collect the information. The dashboard would integrate data harvested from trusted open data sources automatically with the information provided manually by delegates from the MS, and facilitate the semi-automated evaluation of EOSC readiness against indicators.

The project ran from February to September 2021. It was carried out by using an iterative co-creation approach, that covered the different phases from the collection of requirements to the study of national use cases to the validation of the results and final recommendations. The experts who carried out the PoC liaised closely with the INFRAEOSC5 Landscaping Task Force, led by EOSC-Pillar during this period, and were involved in the co-creation of several groups of stakeholders: National OS initiatives, Data/service providers, relevant projects and initiatives, RI and e-Infrastructure representatives, cadres of the EOSC Association, delegates in the EOSC Steering Board, and EC officers.

'The Dashboard is intended to help Member States and Associated Countries to assess their EOSC readiness, supporting them in identifying best practices and areas of improvements. This PoC is a first step to design an Open Source platform and define the workflows for automatic and non automatic data collections, that can be further developed in upcoming projects." Federica Tanlongo, GARR (EOSC-Pillar representative)

The project included three different aspects:

  • the analysis of the 18 EOSC readiness indicators proposed by the INFRAEOSC Landscaping TF identifying possible data sources and assessing data availability, completeness and updates;
  • the co-design and testing of a possible dashboard model, to define key functionalities and use cases, design the process to practically implement the monitoring process and the actors involved;
  • the PoC technical development and testing of technical features and usability aspects.

The findings were presented and validated at a final validation workshop, together with a list of recommendations to further progress the monitoring work.

Download the final report

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