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June 27, 2022

EOSC-Pillar has delivered use cases to analyse different tools and services for the "FAIRisation" of data and services and type of governance according to the needs of different research communities.

These use cases included resources and cost study, in order to understand their feasibility and propose a viable business model for the resulting services. The selected use cases are connected to real scientific production and intent to improve the usage of data from a FAIR perspective.

The need for “data FAIRisation” is important, diversified and specific for each community (nanotechnologies, environment, ocean, atmosphere, continental surfaces, health, humanities, biodiversity, solid earth). 

Main objectives of the EOSC-Pillar use cases:

  • Prepare scientific communities to be involved in EOSC.
  • Analyse specificities of the scientific communities but also cross-cutting needs.
  • Integrate different data from all components and domains and facilitate access, integrated and intelligent treatments and diffusion.
  • Identify important tools and services from the use cases.
  • Identify gaps and needs that can be fulfilled by the future EOSC.

Downloadable factsheets

The results of each use case as of June 2022 are now available as downloadable factsheets, allowing specific research communities to understand the challenges addressed and key outcomes, as well as test the eventual outputs developed by specific teams. These factsheets can be found at the EOSC-Pillar Zenodo community via the links below!

Discover the outputs of the EOSC-Pillar use cases, see EOSC in action, and get in touch directly with the teams!

EOSC-Pillar use cases

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